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11-20-2012, 12:44 PM
A storm is coming...
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Originally Posted by SensibleGuy View Post
Absolutely, the fans will come back.

In all the comments I hear coming from the players, the one possibility that never gets any consideration is that the last offer they got from the owners actually was honestly the owners "make it or break it" point - the deal that the owners need in order to make it worthwhile to run a hockey league. What if the owners are not blowing smoke and actually have decided the league can't function for much longer unless an agreement fundamentally like what has been offered is accepted? If from the owners percpective, most teams are better off not playing rather than play under anything less than the last offer, then the only option the PA has is to give up and cut their losses. Its not impossible that there just isn't any "wiggle room" here to work with...
Fehr, the PA and Captain Bob completely disagree with you. They don't think it's the best offer yet.

Tomorrow's offer will give an indication of where the PA stands. If it's a nonstarter for the league, clearly the PA doesn't think the league is in trouble or has reached their best offer yet. They may be right about the best offer part at least, but only time will answer that question. It's a gamble and they may lose rather substantially.

Like Holden's group I think most fans, especially in Winnipeg where we're hypersensitive to league economics, are just moving on with their lives and will return to hockey when it returns to them.

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