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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
think I'd wait 6 months to cut your salary, come on now ?

you'd be more than happy to get a 10% salary cut you said, so let's start with that. Following week, lets cut to a mil, you'd be again more than happy... unless you're a greedy and selfish millionnaire right ?

or maybe I should go the nhl way, hire you next summer for a hefty price, and cut your salary by 10/20 % before you even start working for me

I mean, I'll hire you to program stuff for me for lets say, 100k a year... but will never pay you more than 50, that sounds right dont you think ?
While I agree, it's part of the process. What I don't understand though is people comparing it to real life situations. If an employer does that, I can switch job and get my fair market value again.

For the NHL(and other NA sports leagues) they are the only ones who can pay that much. That's what I don't understand, the swiss can't give up 70 mil capspace, neither can the rest. So even with a 10% paycut they still make more than any other league in the world 95% of the time. It's not the same as a real life situation.

IMO, if the players feel screwed by NHL owners, they can sign in KHL(assuming their contract is expired in NHL). I don't think they'd be happier with no pension, poor healthcare, poor transportation and less money in a foreign country(for most).

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