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11-20-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
He was also a coaches dream, hence Scotty Bowman citing the word "perfect" along with his name. Give it a rest already.
I got some rather breaking news for ya man...every D-man in the top 20 was a coaches dream.

You would never focus this much energy on Mario Lemieux's lack of a defensive game or criticize him for floating this much. I adored Lemieux but you know what, he and his teams would have had far more success (winning!) if he played a more all around game. He often floated and left defense up to everyone else. Even though he was probably the most gifted player ever offensively and was capable of playing an all around game he rarely did. His teams should have won more cups and had more success than they did. Defense is just as important as offense and Lidstrom did what it took to be successful and win and did it amazingly well.
Lidstrom does NOT have a defensive advantage over Bourque or Orr and none at all over Harvey(less actually as Harvey also had physical tools) that is any where remotely close to the offensive advantage that Mario Lemieux had over his peers.

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