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11-20-2012, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Oh...right...because that's where it's headed...

Enough with the over the top exaggerations. You talked about a 10% from a 5M salary, that gives me 4.5M. Yea, I will gladly accept that if it means actually touching that money, as opposed to bringing nothing.
Not sure how dropping the salary by 98% comes even close to that.

Players took a rollback last time, and the cap was at 39M, that didn't prevent anybody from making tons of cash now did it?.
sure you would since you never made that much money (neither did I), for the players it's their every year salary... so, do the same at your job, take what's considered every year salary, cut it by 10/20% and come back to tell us how happy you are to have your job

it's not anymore and that's why players are getting more. Chances are that if the cap was still 39M, no players would be making over 5 or 6 mil, or very few... now, lets try to remember why it isnt 39M anymore

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