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11-20-2012, 12:59 PM
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Holiday Plans:

Thursday: Dinner at my parents' house on Thursday. Brother in law is a chef and goes to some jacked up place to get turkeys, so it's always delicious. Drive home. Begin assembling our three fake trees.

Friday: CHRISTMASPLOSION. No shopping except, perhaps, online. Egg / bacon / pancake breakfast. Coffee (with Baileys). Spike, or whoever is playing James Bond, gets turned on occasionally (potential substitution: the HD copies we have on our XBMC box). In between that, Christmas music is played. Crock potted chicken wing soup to be served throughout. Decorations of all trees and of the outside lights occurs - Christmas mode is engaged. Hot chocolate served all day (with Baileys). Some type of Rock Band is bound to be played (with Baileys). A delicious dinner will be served. Best day ever.

Saturday: Relax...

Sunday: Visit PK's good folks.

Monday: Niagara Falls Aquarium. Cyber Monday shopping, maybe.

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