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11-20-2012, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... not sure I follow you here madhi. Tanger Discount Stores bought property adjacent to Westgate & are building a big box mall with dozens upon dozens of merchants selling discount name brand clothing & accessories. They didnt lease space from iStar Financial who foreclosed on Ellman & took over Westgate when he fell behind in making his $200M+ loan payments. They held an auction last year with a reserve price of $40M and had no takers. Subsequently, theyve hired a Management Firm to lease out space, look after the place. Last I heard or read was they planned to hang on to Westgate, wait out the still somewhat sagging economy, probably sell when things get better. Credit Suisse as well got left holding the bag to the tune of $500M by Ellman, foreclosing on vacant land also adjacent to Westgate against unpaid loans. They too held an auction; again, reserve price of $200M not met.

... she went down the Rabbit Hole quite some time ago. Bought into the false schemes & dreamy numbers hook line & sinker. Clings fast to a vision that is wholly impracticable, irrational. Lost at sea. An artistic and benevolent nature that is wholly unsuited to the nasty games played by civil servants, politicians, developers and pro sports team owners, wannabe owners & leagues. Beyond her comprehension, pay grade. Refuses to accept she's been & is still apparently being hoodwinked despite massive evidence to the contrary. Its easy to attack her, however, Im going to the high road here, as I think she's more deserving of pity than anything else. She's a Gambler, refuses to accept she's got a problem, that people with power at any and all levels, those with or seeking wealth/power can be corrupt/corrupted. I think she's just far to naive' to be "on the take" herself though TL. Cant see that, what benefits of graft she might be the recipient of. I dont read any criminality in her makeup. Just innocently & foolishly high minded.
Yea, I wasn't necessarily implying bribes or such, just more wondering her obsession with it all and if something -but seeing your comments as well as Whileee and CF, maybe it just is a case of her being in over her head, and she really is trying to do the right thing-and perhaps got severe tunnelvision in the process. Part of my bais is I've grown cynical over the years with this sort of thing, so the thought that a politician might actually be doing something she believes in, without ulterior motives.....that sometimes just does not compute....


I am saying though if something DOES end up coming out in the wash.......

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