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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
To me it's tough to compare Fedor and Silva. Rules are different in Japan, Silva can't fight a 300lbs fighter in the UFC unless his own weight goes up. In Pride these match ups could happen, but Fedor is no small guy either, although very undersized compared to some.

But rules are just different, if kicks and knees to a downed opponent were legit in the UFC, as well as yellow cards for lack of action, and the quick referee separations, it would only give Silva an even bigger edge.

There was a time Fedor seemed unbeatable, but then the talent started leaving and his opponents became less challenging. Eventually, he lost, 3 times in a row.

Silva, who's older, still appears to be in his prime. He still surprises people with some things, despite his age and experience.

I have a hard time saying Silva is better than Fedor, but I also have a hard time saying Fedor is better. To me they are both on a different level. The difference I feel is that I think Fedor is finished. Anderson on the other hand, looks like he can still destroy people for a few more years, easy.
The thing about Fedor is that he liked to use the ropes to his advantage, alot of times he pushes himself off the ropes to give him more power in his shots. He started having more trouble once he started fighting in the cage (just like you said Pride rules, different ring, etc). I think Fedor could have still fought right now and could probably kick some ass in the UFC, but the problem is he's part owner of M1 Global and this is what's complicating things for him.

Fedor has been beating the BEST heavy weights in the world and was not defeated for 10 years. Anderson Silva is a living legend aswell. He is today's Bruce Lee. Both are amazing fighters but I just find the competition Fedor faced was tougher than fighting guys like Yushin Okami, Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin.

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