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Originally Posted by Oan View Post
Haven't watched recent games from him, does he show any signs of slowing down or fatigue? Since it's already 24 games in, are there really any reasons why his point production would suddenly come to a stop this season? Barring injuries, of course.
Well he have been really good on the games after the break. Of course it can slow down but now in the 4 games after the break Barkov has 3G+3A=6pt it doesen't seem that he has slown down much.

In the discussion how he uses the body. Barkov does use his body without the puck quite often. He doesen't give big hits but he gives hit when they are taking attack against at the neutral zone. He gives pressure and shrinks space from opposite player. If the opposite player doesen't dump in or pass the puck and tries to rush the puck in by skating there is many times in the games that Barkov stops that guy off from puck by hitting so his teammate who is often defenseman can collect the puck for his team. Not big hits but hard enough to stop the attack when opposite player tries to rush the puck in near boards. Barkov plays perfectly positional game without puck so he doesen't want to go out of the position for unnecessary hits. So i disagree that he should be more physical and mean. At the boards and corners his compete is 110% he uses his reach and size to get the puck. He's most common play in the defensive zone is using his size to tie the opposite player into boards so defenseman can pick up the puck. He uses his size very well with and without the puck. Again not flashy big hits but effective simple plays with his body. Watch him closely so you guys will notice it.

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