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11-20-2012, 02:16 PM
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Giveaway - Justin Williams on the Ps3

Information you probably need to know:
The rules: Send trades to the card. As many as you want/can. No need to like, fav, sub, or any of that stuff. One of those trades will randomly be accepted.

The card (this time) is Justin Williams, who contains the potential to either be sold and you can buy a gold pack with that or to be kept and he can be quite valuable to a team.

The card to send the trades to, you may ask?
Team name: JenNettles
Starting price: 100,000 (if he gets a bid, screw you guys)
Auction length (3 days starting from the publish time of this video) - The card is currently up for auction.

A trade will be accepted some time in those 3 days. I will be using a random number generator, and since there is no way to find out who sent what, I think this is about as random as it gets.

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