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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
Lidstrom's defensive advantage over those 3 is greater than you realize or want to admit. Bourque often had to water-ski after opposing forwards skated around him and was simply not as good as Lidstrom defensively, Orr got caught up ice far more than anyone wants to admit, and Harvey played in an all Canadian league with a shallow talent pool.
And yet every measurable stat shows that Bourque and especially Orr were both more effective overall than Lidstrom was.
Any defensive advantage Lidstrom has over Bourque and Orr is downed out rather quickly by their offense, puck possession and game control.
And dude, there were only 6 teams in Harvey's day and you can't punish him for not being able to play against what wasn't around yet and weren't good enough yet anyway.
A 6 team all Canadian league is NOT a shallow talent pool. They were the top 120 or so players in the world at the time and he didn't get nights where he was playing expansion/far weaker teams.
He was facing Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull 14 times a season EACH, not once or twice a season like Lidstrom faced Lemieux or Jagr or Crosby.

Mario had all the talent in the world, anyone could see that, but he often took the easy way out and focused on offense too much and floated. This cost his team success at times. He was often criticised for it during his career and now all people seem to remember is the great moments he had. Yet I don't think I'll ever hear you barrate him as a player because people forget that he did indeed float and only focus on offense for most of his career.
Hence the reason that despite being IMO the most purely talented player in the history of the game, he's only ranked 4th all-time.

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