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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
Okay, this probably sounds a bit silly, but are there any particular deke moves that are effective but easier for the n00b player? I am not superfast, and thus am always at forward, but I do get breakout chances when I make a good play on a Dman. Sometimes I can get a quality wrister out of it, and I have been working on targeting the various shooting zones on net. Sometimes though, That goalie just looks 5 miles wide and I know I am not going to get a good piece of the net to shoot at.

I was wondering if there are any particular moves that seem to work better than others but do not require perfect hands to pull them off. I have tried dangling a bit, but always lose too much of the puck and it ends up being nothing. My best chance so far seems to be to come in from the right(I shoot left) and try to fake a wrister, pull the puck back with the toe and come around on the left side of the goalie to try to find a piece of open net. Not successful yet. Just wondering if any had any thoughts or advice on this, with n00b skater in mind...
Newb goalie advice - on a breakaway I want to make the save at the top of the crease to take away most of the net. When your stick blade is pointed at me, I know I've got a little bit more time before I need to commit to some sort of save. When your blade points to the boards, them I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a save.

Not to downplay dekes, but I find it harder to make the save against someone who decides quickly what shot they want to do and where. I really hate getting beat in the 5 hole when someone elevates it just above my blade when I'm going down into a butterfly.

Also something to consider is simply firing a shot hard and low. You probably won't score, but it'll probably leave a rebound in the kill zone if I can't get my blade on it. I hate it when that happens because if you know one of your guys are right behind you, they can pick up the rebound and catch me when I'm on the ice.

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