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I was looking around for info on Worters as well because he's tough to place. Here's a bit more that wasn't already posted or in the bios.

The Meriden Daily Journal - Jan, 1934
If you took a little gamecock weighing a scant 130 pounds sopping wet, put about 40 pounds of hockey paraphernalia and impedimenta on his spare frame, and then saw him turn into the outstanding goaltender in the National Hockey League, you'd be surprised. That's just why little Roy Worters, the New York Americans' goalie and king of the loop's puck stoppers is such a surprising little fellow.

"Shrimp," as the boys affectionately call the 5-foot-3-inch wonder, has been hailed as head man since the unfortunate death of Charley Gadiner, goaltender of the Champion Chicago Blackhawks last season. Two of hockey's outstanding figures have spouted to great length on the attributes of the mite and they aren't his bosses, either.

One is the gray-thatched Les Patrick, manager and coach of the New York Rangers, rival big league hockey outfit...The perfect goalie, Les arises to remark, "must have a perfect pair of eyes, a fine sense of timing, must be quick, agile, and alert, a fine skater, and must have a great pair of hands. Roy Worters has all these attributes, and that's the reason he's the standout goalie in the league.

Col. John S. Hammon, president of the New York Rangers, is another who is on Worter's side of the fence. "Give us Roy, and we would be leading the league," he recently remarked. "He is the best goaltender in the business, and with him in the net we wouldn't have half as many goals scored against us."
A fan of the Pirates describing his team - Jan, '28
"The secret of their success in checking their opponents lies in the fine defensive work of their forward line, combined with the clever puck blocking of Roy Worters, best of all goalies," says Pat Robinson. "The Pirate attack is a joke.."
Montreal Gazette - March, '41
Bastien made some pretty neat saves on the few occasions Royals had him under pressure...and revealing at least a faint hint of the old art of which Roy Worters was a master: angling rebounds off to the sides in safety.
The Montreal Gazette - April, '58
the late George Hainsworth often had trouble navigating because the pads were almost as big as he was...the late Roy Worters was so small he could hide his chin in the leg mattresses

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