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Originally Posted by Yellowstone View Post
So, I put together this short video to support my sense that many kids have NHL skating speed. I know that sounds crazy. But I think that, for some reason, skating NHL-fast can be accomplished by a lot of kids and some very young ones at that. I'm sure that many of you have been to rinks and seen these young kids fly. Well, this past September, I thought it might be time to test a kid on the exact same speed skating course used by the fastest NHLers at the 2012 Skills Competition.

The Results... the kid did very well and this kid hadn't been on the ice in 6 months.

How can this be? I suspect that skating is not like running where the fastest NFLers would absolutely blow away young kids. For some reason, I believe that skating with NHL-speed is not all that difficult. This does not of course mean that these kids are (or ever will be) NHL prospects. For example, it might just mean that some of these kids should look into short track skating.

So here's the video... and if you doubt me (as you should) and if you're a coach, then simply go to the rink with your fastest skaters and do these time trials and then judge for yourself.
Once shared an ice surface with Darius Kasparaitis, who wasn't noted for speed. Again, later, with Billy Tibbetts, who was a goon. You really can't have any concept of how well hockey professionals get around the ice until you share an ice surface with them. The difference is astounding.

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