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11-20-2012, 01:49 PM
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The not so good parts of last night's game: ran into two other players. The first one was while fighting for the puck. My stopping skills need to improve greatly. I didn't fall over for once, and managed to keep the other player from passing or shooting. In fact, I managed a sloppy pass to one of my teammates. (He proceeded to lose the puck, fight for it, regain and pass the puck to another guy who would lose, regain and pass the puck in the same way to someone who was cleanly open... and who whiffed on the goal shot from 10 feet out.)

The second guy I ran into last night was because I couldn't turn fast enough and he couldn't see me fast enough. On that one I got knocked over backwards, landed on his stick, and almost hit my head on the ice. Thankfully I remembered to tuck my chin in and take the impact on my shoulders like I remembered from all those kenpo classes as a college student. The other player said first thing: "Was that your back or my stick that made that snapping noise?" Neither my back nor his stick broke.

After the game the guys suggested half-jokingly that I find an adult checking seminar. I countered with "Once I learn to stop on a dime from full speed, maybe."

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