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11-20-2012, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Then don't answer. Whatever.
Whatever is right.


Really? You point to Bettmans track record of lockouts, but want to ignore Fehr's track record. Okaaayy.
Bettman's track record and past history is directly relevant to what is happening now. Players have dealt with this guy before. Fehr's record in baseball, which you got wrong btw, and the player's willingness to hire him, is an indication of how fed up the players are with Bettman's tactics.

If the players are *****ing that the owners are not offering them anything... then get to the damn table and ASK for something. So far they're asking that the NHL guarantee their existing contracts (something they've never had before due to escrow). If they want something else, then they need to ask for it. To date we've never heard of them asking for anything. They just keep saying no.
Oh, so they are in fact, negotiating then.

Make up your mind.

That doesnt change the fact that the owners have offered them a choice to either chop off a thumb, or their fingers. Wonder why they arent jumping at that? Btw, the players have indicated that they are willing to talk.

There's a huge difference between being pro NHL, and saying it's all the players fault for "accepting the outrageous contracts the owners are offering them". You're also conveniently ignoring the fact that the players and their agents play a huge part in those contracts.
Really? What's the difference? Why dont you break it down for me?

And this lockout isn't really about the players contracts (although there needs to be some changes there), and more about the overall player share that the NHLPA receives, and how the each side wants that implemented. All those contracts do is increase every players escrow hit which only pisses off the players.
So the owners need to lock the players out so they can fix their own mistakes?

Sounds about right.

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