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Originally Posted by Yellowstone View Post
I'm going to take down the video.

My point was very simple and was not well received.

I suspect that some day, one of you guys will dupicate this test and come back and say "Hey, there are kids that can compete in the NHL straight-line skating competition".

That was my simple point.

So if kids can ring up these numbers, then the NHL skills speed skating test is not very impressive. The NHL competition, as it is now designed, does not showcase the NHLer's true skating skills.

Also, the next time I'm at this rink, I will confirm that the face-off-dot to face-off-dot distance is consistant with an NHL rink (should be 132 feet)... but still, I doubt that even that would satisfy some of you.

Oh well, it was a lively discussion... while it lasted.
There's one problem with this logic. I'm pretty sure we are unanimously still more impressed with the Hagelin/Greening video than this kid who can barely skate and we're being told can keep up, and therefore, it is impressive. Just because you shoot an amateur video of a very mediocre kid skating the same event and claim that he was "right there with Hagelin" doesn't mean anyone else agrees. The video does not conclusively prove that your claim is true, nor is the comparison done very scientifically, so as to provide the irrefutable proof you feel it does. Watching the videos, it's clear that in the NHL skills you are watching two elite, top notch skaters FLY around the course. Watching the kid it is clear that you are watching a kid who does not play highly competitive hockey, use his jerky, ugly stride to skate his hardest around the same course. One IS impressive, the other isn't.

One, none of us seem to believe, with our own eyes, that he was going nearly as fast as the NHLers. Two, all of us seem to be able to identify him as a poor or beginner/novice skater. Three, being able to skate somewhat fast in that event and being able to do it with the grace and fluidity of the NHL players are two completely different things. Oh, and he wasn't anywhere near as fast, did we cover that one? You're really, quite simply, vastly overestimating that kid/your own/who ever else you skate with's ability if you think you wouldn't all get burned silly by those NHL players.

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