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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
Bourque's playoff statistics don't show he was more effective than Lidstrom.
Actually, they do.
Bourque's numbers when he was on the ice compared to when he was off the ice are much greater than Lidstrom's numbers for the same.
Lidstrom made his team better but not by nearly the degree that Bourque made his better.

You know, crunch time when you win Stanley Cups? His regular season stats are skewed by playing in the high scoring 80's and in a non fully integrated league void of players from the other hockey power at that time, Russia.
And Lidstrom's defensive numbers aren't skewed by playing in the low scoring DPE? Riiiight.
The Russians came over after 1989 btw. Bourque faced your "fully integrated league" for half of his career, won 2 of his Norris, was runner up 4 more times and 3rd twice during as well as 6 First team all-star nods and 2 2nd team nods in those 11 years.

Lidstrom went head to head against Lindros, Crosby, Sakic, and Forsberg, among others in playoff series and faired very well.
Even all those guys combined, it's no where even remotely close to the frequency that Harvey went up against Howe and Hull EACH per season.

I can't punish Harvey for playing in the O6 but we should certainly keep in mind that it was an all Canadian league for the most part at a time when hockey still had a lot of growing to do in Canada. You can only keep denying this for so long until it will just sound too absurd to ignore.
What do you honestly think is harder to do?
Facing those very top end players a dozen or so times a season total or facing those very top end players 14 times EACH per season + playoffs?
Hmmmm....I wonder how Lidstrom's defensive numbers survive facing Gretzky and Lemieux 14 times EACH a season.

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