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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
That's simply not true. No matter where you are, non NHL-inspected rinks are going to have variance in their measurements. They may be 83 feet wide and 192 feet long (what one might call "essentially" standard size, but not exact). They might be the exact 200 feet long but have 13 feet behind the net instead of 11. Also, the configuration of the rink has changed over time. The distribution used to be 10/60/60/60/10 and it is now 11/64/50/64/11 so has every single rink out there moved their goal lines forward a foot and changed the dimensions of their neutral zones? Only in the NHL/AHL/NCAA/etc where the rinks are inspected for competition can you claim that all rinks are EXACTLY NHL dimensions.
They're all standard sized NA rinks in the GTA. There is no difference to them unless you want to measure them all and say that one may be a foot short or something. They're all measured and built to match the standard 200 by 85.

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