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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
They're all standard sized NA rinks in the GTA. There is no difference to them unless you want to measure them all and say that one may be a foot short or something. They're all measured and built to match the standard 200 by 85.
I could say the same thing about the rinks by me. It's still not true. Why don't you just allow for the fact that you're not as informed on this one as you might have thought and accept that you may not have realized, which is not a big deal at all, that it is virtually impossible that they are all perfectly 200x85'. And, like I said, even if they are all within a few feet, are you telling me every single rink in the GTA updated their dimensions, perfectly, to accommodate the new measurements behind the nets, to the ends of the zones, etc? Because moving the net a foot forward, moves the faceoff dot proportionately forward. Expanding the neutral zone four feet changes the position of the faceoff dot even more. And not just, oh, the zone is four feet longer so move the dot four feet. So are you telling me that you know for a fact that every rink, uniformly, has altered their measurements perfectly, on top of the fact that they are all perfect, carbon copies in original dimesnions? Why is it so shocking or hard to accept that certain rinks may have only left room for 9 feet behind the nets or or some such, changing the dimensions to 85x196. I've never been arguing that there are vast differences in the dimensions, but the number of people who IMMEDIATELY pointed out that virtually no public rinks have perfectly uniform dimensions should be an indicator to you that I'm speaking the truth.

EDIT: And never mind. We're arguing over feet here and it's pointless. I mean, I don't give a damn if you believe all your rinks are a perfect 200ft and if you can't accept that some might be, you know, 195ft, it's such a silly and petty difference that it's not worth continuing the conversation. The point wasn't brought up to imply that your rink is somehow inferior or something; the point was that if the rink in question isn't perfect not only in it's physical dimensions but in the layout of the faceoff dots and goal lines, etc. than any measurement of speed form point A to point B, against an NHL player, is invalid.

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