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Originally Posted by BTCG View Post

I'm sure you know that I've got a ton of respect for you. And I hope you know that I don't want fighting removed.

But I do have an issue with fighting in certain instances.

Example, as has been made, and made well, here already: forcing a fight on someone who doesn't want to "dance", so to speak.

If the guy has cheap-shotted someone, that's one thing.

But if his only crime is that he made a great atheletic play, well that I take issue with.
Well I'm probably in the minority here so in that instance (where an innocent player doesn't want to dance) I think that is why all teams should have tough guys.

If I go up to someone and start pummelling them for no reason and they turtle I still get the penalty (Dave Brown vs Bobby Gould in game 6 1988 comes to mind)

But if I have Bob Probert or someone of his ilk on my bench I would seriously doubt the other team would do such a foolish thing as it would invite retribution.

NHL is wussified and continues downward on that trend.

Fact is fighting is exciting. People stand and cheer when there is a fight. No one goes to the restroom during one. That leads me to believe that the vast majority of hockey fans like it.

To reduce it in any way like they've been doing (and seem to continue to want to do) is just a sneaky way to try to "slowly" get it out of the way in hopes of alluring that elusive soccer mom demographic who reportedly hates fighting.

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