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11-20-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
He's the reason 70s and I could never agree on a goalie. Rinne's 4 years are probably better than any other goalie outside Martin and Cechmanek.
What about Palmateer? From 1977 to 1980, he was 3rd, 4th and 7th in sv%, and averaged 16 sv% points more than the league average, and 19 points more than the other Toronto goalies in that time. That is huge.

This also includes a very subpar 1980. If you look just at 77-79, those numbers are 21 and 23 points. He also earned Hart and All-star recognition in this time, and also played at a level well above the league average in the playoffs, something Rinne has not done.

the big knock on him is the whole 356 GP thing, but Rinne is only at 250.

Can someone explain to me why one would take Rinne over Palmateer?

Originally Posted by BudsBuster View Post
Ive been having a similar arguement with 70s on this for a while now.
OK, but you were arguing with a straight face that you'd take him over Kiprusoff...

But another couple years of 35-40 wins and a vezina finally and he is probly a *****.
That would make him Ryan Miller - at best.

Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Yes. And yes.

I know the numbers say otherwise (which is why I generally dislike them), but Cechmanek was one of the worst goalies I've ever seen play in the NHL.
Except, assumedly, for the other goalies Philadelphia employed from 2001-2003, who had a combined sv% of .897 to his .923.

Surely you mean besides those ones, right?

Selfish note: I was hoping Rinne would be my starter in the AA draft. I also thought by that time he would have the requisite number of games to be picked. I was under the impression you needed 300, but I guess that's just a loose guideline...? For the record, I'm not at all protesting the pick or anything like it. I'm a huge fan of it actually. He is one of the best goalies here and provided we actually have a season some time soon, this is the last time he gets picked this low.
No, there's no 300 game rule. We used to have one in the MLD but I think even that was abolished this year. It's especially important that we don't have it in the AAA and beyond, because at that point we start to see more sub-300 game players who stand up well against active 500-600 game players despite the GP disadvantage.

Rinne has 484 combined senior level games, anyway

Although, I must say I'm surprised you're so Anti-Cechmanek and Pro-Rinne. Particularly since the lockout there have been goalies whose stats were clearly influenced by their coaches, and aside from the obvious, Tim Thomas, there's also Backstrom, Rinne, and a soon-to-be drafted.

In Rinne's last 4 seasons his .921 sv% was just 14 points better than Nashville's other goalies. I shouldn't say "just", as 14 points is excellent. But Cechmanek was 26 points ahead over his four best years, and Palmateer was 23 points ahead over his best three. (and Cesare Maniago maintained 13 points above his teammates over a period of 9 years, and that group included Gump Worsley's superior stats).

And "dominance of backups" is a metric you like a lot, IIRC.

Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
The Sheffield Steelers picks a player who tarnished his legacy in his last few seasons in the NHL but were still a good tough role player for good teams:

Chris Simon, LW

See, why pick goons when you can pick goons that can play.

Originally Posted by God Made Me View Post
It would be nice to see one of these guys make a pick now. Except for jkrx's LW Chris Simon pick 2 posts up, no one has picked today and some might be traveling for Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Who wants to do a thanksgiving weekend 12 hour clock? Starting Thursday? If we get half the teams to say yes to it, we'll do it.

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