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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
And Lidstrom's defensive numbers aren't skewed by playing in the low scoring DPE? Riiiight.
The Russians came over after 1989 btw. Bourque faced your "fully integrated league" for half of his career, won 2 of his Norris, was runner up 4 more times and 3rd twice during as well as 6 First team all-star nods and 2 2nd team nods in those 11 years.
Only half his career, which was my point.

"Defensive numbers" are highly subjective. I watched Lidstrom shut down and downright dominate forwards for too many years to care what statistics would even show. I wish I could see how he'd fair against Mario and Wayne because I feel he'd do better than anyone else did because he could think the game defensively like they did offensively. In fact, Lidstrom is Gretzky except he did it on the defensive side of the game instead of offense, although he was great in that area too. He didn't need to be physical, rarely took penalties, out thought everyone, and strived to be the best like Wayne did. Lidstrom's hockey IQ was up there with Gretzky's but in a less noticable way unless you were really watching.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
What do you honestly think is harder to do?
Facing those very top end players a dozen or so times a season total or facing those very top end players 14 times EACH per season + playoffs?
Hmmmm....I wonder how Lidstrom's defensive numbers survive facing Gretzky and Lemieux 14 times EACH a season.
I'd rather play in a league that draws from a much smaller talent pool no matter how many teams because it would provide a better opportunity to be the best player or in this case best defenseman.

Wonder all you want, Lidstrom showed what he could do aginst the world's best during playoff series in a fully integrated league several times with great success.

This has already been beaten to death several times and I'm not going to conivince you and you're not going to convince me.

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