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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Cause that takes effort-something most beer leaguers don't like giving. Just show up and play and hope for the best, that's the attitude that kills me and I see it all the time. Guys don't work out, they don't even attempt to eat right, don't invest in new equipment or replace the hockey museum collection they have and never practice. Then when it's game time and my team is the lowest scoring team in the league for 3 straight seasons they can't figure out why. If you don't want to do what it takes to either stay a decent hockey player or improve guys should voluntarily move down divisions until they are at the bottom where you can just show up and play and nobody cares. I can count the number of times I've heard a guy say he's moving down because he can't hang anymore on one hand.
Easy there Gary Roberts!

Ice time isn't cheap and can be hard to find. Since getting a 9-5 job it's been damn-near impossible to hit the ice more than once a week.

Originally Posted by polysaturate View Post
Ya know, I don't mind the ringers too much. As long as they aren't playing like 2-3 levels down. It's the ringers who play dirty that just **** me off. I really have to keep myself in check not to give into their dirty play and retaliate.

As one of those defensively-minded centres (mostly due to the fact that I suck offensively) I take great pride in working my butt off to shut down the ringers.

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