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11-20-2012, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Rich people don't get rich by tossing money around, or throwing money after bad is a minor investment for somebody like Thomson, but he has made it perfectly clear that he anticipates the Jets to be a smart solid investment, not a money drain...not too mention he is only 50% owner, with the other 50% being Mark Chipman who cannot afford to throw money around on that level. Do not anticipate TNSE to treat these team as an expense.

I have no doubt we will follow a SJS/NSH type model...during lean rebuilding years we will be near the bottom on payroll, but we will spend when we have the team to spend. When it becomes time to rebuild again we will be cutting salary. The life of a mid market team...
While some are being ignorant in say "ya but they're rich", this bolded part shows the truth, in my opinion. I remember them saying those things as well. This is a business. If they were OK with bleeding and this is just an expensive toy, we'd be a cap ceiling team and not a low-mid like they promised... after all what's a couple extra million to billionares right?...

And while the Jets may only be one part of a larger puzzle, these are profit maximizing men. They do have a heart and affinity for the team, but they won't and wouldn't want to do this if it becomes a fiscal trainwreck.

If the CBA continues to be good for small markets and the Can:US economy ratio continues to be stable, I won't have any fears.

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