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Originally Posted by blackmarketmob View Post
Agreed completely.

As for the poor attendance in Ontario, I am not sure I view it with such disdain as others. Between where I am from, live, work etc, I have the ability to attend NHL games (when there is no lockout), AHL games in either Hamilton or Toronto, and plenty of junior hockey. The Sleeman Centre (Guelph) and the Aud (Kitchener) are both closer for me to travel to than to attend a Laurier game, and have future NHL impact players, first round draft picks and even future NHL stars playing. AHL games in Toronto are quite cheap, the team is strong, and the play is well above CIS. Despite this, I typically attend only a few junior games per year, maybe 1 or 2 AHL games, and annually about 15 CIS games. I enjoy that I can buy tickets at the door for $5-$8 each instead of weeks in advance through Ticketmaster. I also enjoy that I do not have to wait for hours to get out of a parking lot, and that I can sit in the best seats even if I arrive 5 minutes before. It is as close as you can get to owning your own private hockey league.

From the sounds of it, in most of Canada with the exception of a few markets, it is this way too. I don't think CIS will ever be universally commercial and popular. But it is not just Ontario. Outside of Lakehead, Nipissing, UNB, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, are there any markets that average 1000+ during the regular season? I'm not sure there if there are any, but I just don't see that as a problem.
All AuS schools, except Dal draw between 500-1000 fans, which is probably better than all of CanadaWest. UNB, Acadia and X draw more than 2,500, 1,500 and 1,100 on average.
Nobody likes to carry around the big trophy in front of empty seats!
That's why the wild card should not go to the conference that hosts.

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