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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Dude the point is they AREN'T all 85x200, even the ones you're saying are "standard" size. Some are 196, some are 192, etc. stop insisting you're an expert you have been pretty conclusively shown otherwise. Yes, if you ask you'll be told the rink is "standard sized" and yes, it will look standard to you but are you really claiming you can eyeball the difference between 82x194 and 85x200? Even when the guy drawing the blue prints tells you otherwise? Again the argument isn't us implying somehow the rinks you skate on are "unofficial" or somehow subpar. Why are you taking this personally? The point is that outside of 100% regulated rinks for professional caliber competition, hardly any two rinks are identical. As we've said many times now that is simply wrong and virtually every rink varies. We're not trying to say 'oh you amateur, you play on a 180 foot sheet'. We're saying you can't compare players on two separate sheets of ice by eyeballing it like the OP because virtually all rinks have subtle differences in dimensions.
But that was the point entirely... If they're off by a few feet in the process of the construction their still the standard 200 by 85. Such minute details doesn't change that fact unless you're the most anal person in the world.

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