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11-20-2012, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyH3aven View Post
So, I have an excel spreadsheet that I update that contains information for all of the salesmen and the sales manager. I am looking for a way to share this online as a living document, where I can give them a permanent link that they can click on.

Ideally, everytime I update the document from my desk PC it automatically updates it, so that whenever my salesmen click on the link they get the most up to date information.

The problem I have right now is that I'm having to print out a copy of the sheet for every person in the sales department, so I limit printings to twice a week to save paper/ink.

But I update the document on a daily basis, so often-times the information they have is out of date. Any ideas? I've tried google docs, but having to constantly manually re-upload the file is a pain. Also, some people see different versions of the sheets depending on what information they are/aren't allowed to see, which means I'd have to have several different versions of the document uploaded with different links for different people.

So, any ideas? I could just email them an updated version of the file, but then they're going to be downloading the same version of a slightly different file 5-6 times a week, which is a hassle.

Your problem... I think I located it.

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