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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Holy crap man. This is a thread about a RACE. If someone only ran .95 miles in a race you're right I'd tell them! If Hagelin skates .95 of a lap faster than Greening skates a lap, does Hagelin still win since, eh, the difference between a lap and .95 is just being anal?
In this comparison no... you are not going to notice a couple feet difference from 2 separate videos and that was the point. One wasn't international ice compared to NA ice.

Originally Posted by Ace14 View Post
Are you under the impression that my company sends boards to everywhere in the world (and I mean everywhere, we've done rinks in Bermuda for crying out loud) EXCEPT the GTA?

It is one thing to try and tell someone how they should do something, it is entirely another to tell someone how something is done. You are trying to tell me that I don't know how rinks in the GTA are built, and I am telling you that I am the one building those bloody rinks. I don't care what size the buildings are, I know what size the rinks themselves are.
No I'm saying this is how they're built in the GTA. I'm sure you provide boards that would fit the 200 by 85.

It has nothing to do with the size of the rink. They're designed to fit around 200 by 85 rinks. Whether or not the rinks may be off by a foot or 2 wasn't the point.

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