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11-20-2012, 06:14 PM
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"Warm Bodies" looks interesting... It's like looking at Luongo's trade value from a Leaf fan perspective...

Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Yeah, zombies are extremely entertaining. Although I never understood how they could take over the world. How is it possible that they appear all over the world simultaneously in enough numbers to pose an immediat threat to humanity? Surely it must have started as an isolated incident, and at worst a single landmass would get overrun, as as far as I can tell, zombies can't swim.

In the Walking Dead they danced around that by having Rick wake up long after everything happened. Although in WWZ it seems like the zombies are stronger/faster than regular humansas well as being fairly intelligent(the human ladder, which was epic, imo), which may help explain it, but still, I can't imagine how the prototypical zombie could ever hope to infect enough people to make it a threat to a national army, replete with nuclear weapons and airplanes and tanks.

I wonder if any governments actually have a hypothetical procedure for dealing with zombie outbreaks...that would be absolutely wicked.
That human ladder scene reminded me of ants...

I read somewhere that some governments indeed plan for zombie outbreaks... It's basically as bad as it gets... Plan things around zombie apocalypse, and you can plan/deal with a wide variety of ****** situations...

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