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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Yeah, I seriously doubt Clark is involved in any type of payola scheme; vague references to fraud sound like fringe stuff to me.

Not smart people do not smart things. They get taken advantage of pretty regularly. Glendale has a group of not smart people who approve allocations of a large amount of funds. They get taken advantage of pretty regularly. I don't think any of them are doing it intentionally for ill-gotten gains, they're just earnest imbeciles with no oversight.
Yeah, Occam's razor says this is the most likely scenario.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Ya. His ancestors are Slave & Sugar Cane Traders. Scoundrels of the worst ilk... Looks like a nice guy actually. Bsc in Accounting from Devry; MBA from UofP. Hobbies & Interests include International Travel (mebbe to the Caribbean to visit the old family plantation?) and Hiking, Digital Photography and something very mysterious called Lean Six Sigma for Services. Also a member of a couple of Hispanic Cultural & Social Groups, so Im assuming also fully fluent in Spanish. So unless he was directly aiding & abetting his former rogue of a boss in Ed Beasley, which I sincerely doubt, no need to haul him in for questioning just yet sipowicz. Better we should just keep him under observation for now. Unmarked car, coupla plain clothed, 12 hours on, 12 off.
yet again, Dr. K doesn't disappoint.

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