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11-20-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Clark needs to check her meds if she truly believes Jamison is going to buy the arena.

Why would Jamison even consider it? The answer is he wouldn't. He is not some uneducated buffoon. He is getting $308M to run the arena for 20 years, which happens to be $188M over the going rate of ~$6M per year. If Jamison does end up with the arena, it will not be because he purchased it... it will be because he convinced the CoG to give it to him for free, because 5 years from now when the Coyotes are still losing buckets of money, he will go to council and say he needs another "gift" to make it work. And the CoG being the CoG, will hand him over the keys without question AND still pay him the AMF as well... Anything to keep the team from moving.
Well in the event that all the stars align perfectly and the arena becomes very valuable... all the upside accrues to JIG rather then the city, who are putting $308 mm of taxpayer funds st risk. Funniest part of the deal really.

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