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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
I don't mean to rain on your parade but that is absolute BS. Announced attendance...maybe but buts in the seats, no way. Granted I see these rinks when STU is playing but I have seen 200 people or less at X and they say 800. The forum last weekend had 60 people and 30 were family of STU players.

Acadia, OK.
PEI has been getting good attendance, granted.
Moncton has been good.
UNB is good but they don't count actually people or they just can't count. The latter seems logical to me.
DAL, not too many.
STU only going to get worse this year, should see less than 500 soon enough. Although the women had a solid 750 last Friday night, kudos to them.
X's issues with attendance stem from the environment they have tried to set up. they only have half the arena licensed for beer, which is where they sell all the season tickets to families. they tried to make the far side of the arena, across from the benches a student area but hey most of us wanted to drink at the games.

there is also a huge disconnect between the student that go and the towns people that go. the student that come in and cheer and jeer loud are often complained about then kicked out. there is also very little advertising that goes on for home games.

the atmosphere in most games is pin drop quiet. if they really want to attract people to the games they need to re think the way they are setting up that building, as it can probably be done much better

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