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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Does it take team offense into consideration? Because the amount of playoff games Smith won by 3+ goals over those three seasons is absolutely staggering. 39 of 60! They also faced elimination only once. I talk a lot about this in this thread:

The offensive support Smith received was mind boggling. 4.67 per game.
It's based on regular season points, so no, it doesn't take into account playoff goal support. I also don't necessarily advocate taking results at face value from the 1980s divisional format with 16 teams making the playoffs, because there really wasn't much incentive to go 100% for all 80 games. The Islanders had a couple of 91 and 96 point regular season teams that went on to wax all comers in the postseason, and I suspect the Vegas odds before those series would have been a little more friendly to the Isles than their regular season numbers may have implied.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Looking back, it's dumbfounding how much resistance there was to the idea that Esposito was a better goalie.
I'm not that surprised, because for a lot of people it's simply all about Stanley Cups for goalies. That's something that should be kept in mind as well when we're reading quotes about goalies from back in the day, and it's why I'm not particularly concerned that conventional wisdom has someone like Roy Worters a lot lower than I'm likely to rank him in the next vote.

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