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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
What do you mean, Lemieux was'nt better than Gretzky in any way? He sure gave the world hockey like it's never been seen before. When it comes to Orr, he sure played at a level no-one had seen before. Who would you say was Gretzkys closest match playwise, i mean before him.
Not following your question DY. Are you asking me do I think Lemieux was better, more valuable than Wayne Gretzky? The latter was a total one-off freak show. There has been no one, before he came along or since playing at a forward position with whom one can make comparisons, and that includes Lemieux.... as for Orr, while its true no one had ever seen the sustained, consistent domination of a player in the defensive role dominate to the extent that Orr did, prior to his arrival there were brief, fleeting examples of defenceman who did in fact do precisely that, however, it was coached out of them, rigid discipline & harnesses applied. Stifled.

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
Does it matter? Lemieux still blows all the innovators (except Gretzky) out of the water. Innovative is not necessarily the same as supernatural, is it?
Gretzky I would call Supernatural 99% of the time, only falling to Earth as he aged but even then, far more intelligent & far seeing than everyone else out there. Absolutely reliant upon his sixth senses. Lemieux I rank as the 3rd best player of All Time, but of a more temporal, down to Earth proto-typical type of player. A Jean Beliveau, but in my book, much better, and yes, "innovative", but only in so much as he was a much an athlete as he was an artist. What he did cant be copied.

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