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11-20-2012, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
The Scorpion EVO is insane from any close to mid range. It's probably a bit unwise to use it on a map like Turbine or Carrier, though.

I still dislike how ubiquitous snipers are in virtually every map. There are maps (coughTurbinecough) that look straight out of Modern Warfare 2 (coughAfghancough) which were clearly designed with snipers in mind. I dislike this because there is no other archetype of play in which Treyarch/IW have ever outright catered to as much. Perhaps sniping is such a unique archetype of play that any catering just seems that much more obvious, but I don't like it and I don't think it's good for the franchise.

Black Ops 1's multiplayer was so monstrously successful (more successful, numerically, than any other CoD, including MW1) because it was fairly balanced. Sniping was a bit nerfed in the beginning (something they later fixed, but never overcompensated for) and there were a couple ARs/shotguns each (FAMAS/Model 1887) that were a bit OP. Everything was eventually reigned in or beefed up enough to provide for a pretty incredible and balanced multiplayer experience. Killstreaks weren't demonstratively powerful and didn't stack, which also made for a multiplayer more about, you know, shooting people than hitting your OP killstreaks.

Black Ops 2 reminds me more of what Modern Warfare 3 should have been rather than a true spiritual successor to BLOPS1. The move to modernized guns and weaponry really bothers me as well, because it was something that always distinguished Treyarch entries in the series.

Anyway, not as good as Black Ops, but a lot better than MW2 and MW3. I suppose that's a success.

And Zombies always vaults Treyarch's games into respectability regardless of how well the multiplayer is.
BlackOps1 launch was 10x worse then BlackOps2 launch. Trying to get a full party into a game;forget it. Having bullets kill you when your around the corner; yup still has it . Actually playing a game without it picking a new host ; no way. The laser Famas gun ; wasn't nerfed for like a month. I'm surprised BlackOps2 launch was as good as it was, and the weapons in BlackOps1 were not balanced at all, go use a Kiparis / Mac11 / Uzi / PM63 / All the shotguns except Spas / All the LMGs, and you'll see how bad they still are. I haven't found one gun in BlackOps2 that is superior to everything else like the Famas or AK74u in BlackOps1. Also it's not the 1970s anymore, TreYarch just can't use 50 year old guns ..

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