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Originally Posted by The Flower View Post
I wouldn't neccessarily call it a choke job, but when you lose to a provincial rival in the playoffs 4 times in 5 years, right or wrong, it's hard not to cast judgement on the players involved.

In addition, there was an undeniable trickle down affect to those losses. As mentioned earlier, both the media and fans alike labeled the team as soft and management made it a point to try and correct this "problem" on the fly. Players like Ruutu, McGrattan, Donovon, Foligno, Smith, and Varada were either signed or drafted to try and compensate for this issue.
You specifically said dominated. We were dominated in a single series of the four. Perpetuating the myth that we were dominated by an underdog Leafs team just continues the cycle of ignorance.

The original point is really irrelevant to whether you believe we were dominated or not. The original point is simply false by its own right; player x was on a team that lost, therefore player x must suck. Hossa doesn't suck, and if Zibby pans out to be another Hossa, it'll be a huge win for the organization.

Originally Posted by The Flower View Post
Not a bad strategy to adopt, especially when you have Cujo and Belfour bailing you out when the calls don't go your way. I don't think the better team won during that span, but the smarter team definitely did!
It wasn't a smart strategy because of their goalies, it was a smart strategy because refs are less likely to call penalties in the playoffs than in the regular season. The playoff mentality is 'let the players play'.

Either way, I think it's too simplistic and vague to attribute those losses to 'they were smarter than us'.

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