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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
and we know you're impartial, huh?

i think it's fine if the players want to go somewhere else until the CBA is done - i'd feel pretty silly if i were in there shoes as well. it's probably not the $ but rather the symbolism.

all the players mouthing off is distasteful but hey, they are frustrated. gag rule would make sense.

as far as the overall nature of the CBA negotiations, slow progress is being made and it sounds like this week is when we'll get an agreement. negotiations could've and should've started months ago but there's a ****ton of money on the table and it really had to get painful before both sides were willing to concede enough to make an agreement happen. both sides deserve some blame.

i don't understand the hate directed at the players, though. without them, there is no game. they dedicate their entire youth acquiring the skills we pay to see, then go out and risk life and limb for a short career. i have no sympathy for the owners. they are not small business owners; if their investment goes downhill, they have the resources to sell it off and move on. these people are not normal people like you and me.

this isn't directed at anyone here necessarily - i see this sentiment in the comments on every site. certainly some are going to disagree as well and that's fine.
I was sympathetic with the players in the beginning, and they started mouthing off and the NHLPA was not negotiating in good faith.

The owners who offered the ridiculous contracts should be stuck with them, and the players should be lucky to share in the profits, but not more than 50%.

Unless, of course the players want to pony up cash for the losses for each individual team. That would be a true partnership.

At this point they get a nice salary plus the HRR money without losing anything when the business is failing.

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