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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
If he is still growing he won't quite begin to fill out until he is done. Some people who appear as ectomorphs when they are younger, change dramatically physically around 18-22, metabolism slows down and putting on weight becomes easier.
It's not that their metabolism slows, its just that their bodies stop growing height wise. So it allows their caloric intake to be transferred from growth in bone structure, muscle (to compensate for bone growth etc), and the focus is then simply only on muscle growth and energy requirements for the normal day.

Metabolism slowing down is often a misnomer. It does as one ages but its often misunderstood for a more sedentary lifestyle.

Metabolism really slows down only when a person stops exercising. That's what leads to the popular weight gain after a person stops growing. Metabolism slowing down is a result of this, not the cause.

If you exercise, metabolism can stay constant and be controlled.

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