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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... too bad. Quite the piece of work in his prime. Helmetless, when he still had hair, the wheels, like Pavel Bure pretty much, only Guy had better closing skills. The pure joy with which he played was an exhibition in & of itself.

... Morenz absolutely, but only for one game. Im convinced he would be a bore. Tool box limited. Not enough "trix". Same thing with Shore. He was all about angles. Positioning. Economy of movement. A marathon man. Sort of like Bob Baun or any number of defensive oriented defenceman of the Leafs 60's era.... Tough as nails sure, but lacking the size, heft. Overcompensated by being mean, nasty, dirty. That in & of itself is entertaining I suppose. Not my idea of "fun, wow" though.

... very quiet & studious. You absolutely had to pay attention. Nothing fancy or spectacular about Big Bird. Loping. Played like a Sleepwalker. Automatic. Telegraphed. A Somnambulist. Boston knew it. "Dont wake up #19".

... yepp. The real deal was #9. I would have loved to have watched him in his prime. Just that sheer force of will. The deadliest man in the history of the game bar none. All guts, left it all out there on the ice; the glory resting uneasily. He saved the Habs as a franchise, put paid to the lie that francophones lacked grit, staying power & toughness. Whats even more amazing about it is that both the NHL itself & society as a whole in Canada thought they had their heel on throat of Quebec. Branded too small, quixotic, temperamental, sickly. An absolute Superhero was Maurice Richard. Just an incredible story, individual.
The Rocket represents the fighting spirit of hockey. Probably we will never seen one like him again. I thought Claude Lemieux was close cause he was as dirty as Rocket and brought it in the playoffs like him but Rocket could fight and produced far more. A more accurate comparison would be that he was probably a mix of Claude and Wendel Clark.

Never seen him him play but he is my favorite player nonetheless.

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