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11-20-2012, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I haven't burned a DVD in a long time. I have multiple hard drives and now have them hooked up to a wireless home network so everything can be accessed remotely by any device on the network.

Hell my Macbook doesn't even have a DVD drive. One less thing to break. I do have a $30 external that is used for ripping movies though, which are compressed down to 1-1.5GB and put on the wireless drive.

Streaming internet video has saved me so many GB of space.

You and the rest of the world...there are so many great older games I want to replay that are kind of lost right now. The great games for NES, SNES, PSX, N64, Gamecube, etc. It just sucks because if you want to play them all you have to spend a fortune on virtual games and have multiple consoles.

Hopefully sometime soon someone develops a cheap sub-$100 media PC. There are so many devices out there that have the physical specs but can't run a proper OS...and there are lots of media PC's that have more than necessary physical specs and run a proper OS but are big/noisy/expensive.

I just really want Nintendo to become a software developer. It's clear Sony and Microsoft are going to continue to build good consoles that branch off PC design and neither are going away soon. Nintendo is just off in their own world. The Wii was outdated upon release and the WiiU will be outdated fairly quickly.

Old Nintendo games on the PS3/360 would be sweet. Then Nintendo just focuses on developing solid first party games for a much wider user base. And refocus their efforts on handheld gaming (great as phone games are, nothing beats buttons for many games).
On pure graphical processing power it is already. Madden and Batman are great examples.

The WiiU Madden can't run the same physics engine that the 360/PS3 can. The WiiU Batman looks like crap, imo...

I'll be entirely honest, I expect the WiiU to turn into the current Wii within 18 months. It will be gathering dust on people's shelves.

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