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11-20-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by tp71 View Post
I don't referee, but I don't think that's fair to say. I'm a goalie. I've played the position at various levels for 17 years and I disagree with that assessment. While the player did make contact with the goalie, I don't believe it was his fault. If your own teammate leads the opponent into you, the goal has always stood wherever I've played even though they may be inhibiting me from moving freely and defending my goal. That is what I saw. If the attacking player freely went into Patterson (which I don't believe happened) then I would agree with you.

As you said it is a discretionary call, and if it was up to my discretion I would have allowed it. I don't think that discredits my abilities to see what the call was and what I believe it should have been. Sitting in the arena as it happened, I believed it to be the wrong call, and the Knights to get a bit of a lucky break.
Ex-goalie here...goalie coach and Minor Hockey Coach (D1 certified). I gotta know the rule book inside and out..that's my only recourse as a coach..which is why I am so adamant when I say it was the correct call. I wouldn't want a team at any level to lose a game on a blown call like allowing that goal to stand would have been. That would be a travesty...if it was cut and dry..Owen Sound's coach would have went ballistic..he didn't..thus I feel he also agreed with the on ice call.

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