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11-20-2012, 07:22 PM
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It's scary to think that I'm the one being the most positive about the Wii U. It has an incredible first mover advantage right now. It's priced comparably to the PS3 Move bundle and the 360 Kinect bundle. Both those systems have already filled so many households, that there's not really much on the market for it to compete with. It will have the market all to itself for this holiday season, and depending on how well Microsoft sticks to their schedule, it will be alone in the market until at least November of next year.

There's at least a couple games coming out that are trying to be system sellers and are experimenting with the new gimmick. Ubisoft has absolutely embarrassed Nintendo in that regard. If the system can get enough momentum in its exclusive window, and get enough developer buy-in on its whole tablet gimmick, it should be fairly successful.

No, it won't hit the Wii's sales figures, but I don't believe that anyone at Nintendo expects it to. It definitely doesn't need to to be successful. I wouldn't be concerned about Nintendo's next console. What I'd worry about is the system after that one. This is a seventh gen console that will likely be competing with eighth gen systems in Orbis and Durango. Nintendo will get away with that, but I don't think a new gimmick or even first mover advantage will allow it to ship an eighth gen machine against ninth gen systems. Nintendo will need to catch up if they want to keep selling non-portable hardware.

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