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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
We have been over this before, Bourque played on worse teams that Lidstyrom, waht would one expect?

Also it's just one set of number to compare.
What I would expect if Lidstrom was that much more effective than Bourque, is that Lidstrom's on ice numbers would be well ahead of Bourque's. Instead they are almost equal.
That means that despite Lidstrom having that superior supporting cast around him, Bourque was just as effective as Lidstrom with much, much less support.
We may have been over this before but you certainly didn't understand what it meant then either.

How would the DPE skew LLidstrom's numbers in any positive way?
You're kidding right? You seriously believe it's not easier to play defense at even strength when your team is playing as a 5man unit using much stricter defensive systems in both the defensive zone and neutral zones?

The Russians are only part of the "fully integrated league". In any comp Lidstrom's league was more fully integrated than any of Bouque, Orr, Harvey.

I will run numbers on this later, please take the time to read and absorb them.
I can't wait.

Harvey and the Habs, remember all thsoe HHOFers he played with, also got to play the extremely weak Black Hawks very often, Hull and Mikita were there only in the altter part of Harveys career. The NYR and Boston were hardly dynasties during harveys career as well.
You realise Harvey won a Norris with those NYR's right?
There were NINE expansion teams added to the league during Lidstrom's career! Almost all of them during his prime.

I think that if you look at teh actual facts the level of competion for Harvey was much less than for Lidstrom.
Really? Lets count how many top 20 All-time D-men Harvey faced and beat out in their primes compared to how many Lidstrom faced and beat out in their primes.

You should take a serious look at that list, noting the ages and what part of their careers they were in for the players each beat before answering.

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