Thread: Proposal: Hemsky has his value gone up?
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11-20-2012, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by supert View Post
We don't , but some fan think of stats only . look no farther then Gagner . Fan alway say he a 50 center man . First he a 45 point on average center man that does not bring much else to the table , but if we ,fan with a clue say we need an up grade for our second line center they throw a fit and quote stats .
What we need is better 3rd and 4th liners an upgrade at center and a big tough stay at home D man . I still unsure about our goaltending . I guess we will see once hockey gets back
Realistically I just don't see Edmonton and Detroit as good trade partners at all. Both have the same need. You did mention that Edmonton's goaltending is shady, so technically Mrazek could be at play (Though he's still far out and no guarantee) but I don't see Holland letting him go.

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