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Harvey didn't come to the NHL till he was 23 when he played a half season. He was playing in the same league that Beliveau played in. The same league that the Habs had to buy outright because Jean was going to be quite content to continue playing there.
I figure if one can try to use Lidstrom's seasons in the SEL before coming to the NHL, then I should be able to try and use Harvey's seasons in the QSHL.

Once Harvey did start in the NHL, no one knew what to make of him in the beginning. They perceived him as lazy and frustrating for the first few years until they saw how effective his play style actually was.
Effective enough that within a decade, every D-man was playing that way or being trained to play that way.
His first all-star nod came in his 4th full season. By the end of his 14th season he had 10 1rst team all-star nods and a 2nd before his exile to the Rags and the subsequent black-balling over the Union took its toll on him.
Last I checked, Lidstrom had the exact same number of 1rst team all-star nods and one more 2nd than Harvey.

Even though he got such a late start in the NHL, he still played 20 seasons. He was 45 when he finally retired.

Kelly got a lot of attention early on because he was much flashier, especially on offense.
Once all D-men adapted Harvey's positional approach to the game by the late 50's, Kelly's offensive style was being more contained and less effective.

Lets talk about non-measurable things for a second.
Like how Lidstrom's defensive stats were inflated due to the DPE in exactly the same way that D-men's offensive stats were inflated in the 80's.

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