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11-20-2012, 08:24 PM
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Thanksgiving menu just about complete, just need one more warm dessert and I'm good to go...


-swiss and gruyere fondue, mixed with a roasted squash puree with a touch of freshly grated nutmeg. hoping to find a way to serve this inside a hallowed out squash... dipped with a freshly baked, sage infused baguette

-bread poppers stuffed with manchego cheese, made by hand... probably could use a dipping sauce, but need to try one first to see what will go best with it

-roasted red pepper and feta dip, to dip some carrots, celery, peppers, etc in

-cured meat platter and cheese

-shrimp cocktail, but with a romesco dipping suace instead of cocktail sauce.


-start things off with a chilled shot glass filled with a shot of a roasted squash curry soup, garnished with a fresh sprig of rosemary to hit the nasal senses mostly

-roasted leg of lamb, that I'll carve some garlic into baked with a rosemary bouquet with cranberry, blackberry, and coriander dipping sauce.

-turkey, stuffing, and honey baked ham of course, but spending minimal time with these... they're pretty bland on their own, and not a whole lot you can do with them as a whole

-ricotta and squash stuffed raviolis, with a sage and peppercorn browned butter sauce.. going to take ****ing forever tomorrow night to make enough raviolis to cover everyone

-sweet potato gratin with your typical Thanksgiving spices, and then I'll top it off with some pecans that I'm going to toss in a chipolte and cayenne pepper blend for a little kick

-a more standard potato gratin, with russetts. will use some manchego for the sauce, along with some fresh rosemary and thyme, then will shave some smoked gouda over the top of that.

-going to roast some baby carrots in an orange marmalade sauce, with a little hint of dill and ground mustard.


-pumpkin leche flan, with a roasted pumpkin seed crumble tossed with some freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon


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