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11-20-2012, 08:28 PM
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A thought: splitting the difference on a shortened season

Suppose we're blessed with a miracle and we've got hockey to watch come December 1. Pulling numbers out of the air, they can probably shoehorn a 60-game season in - however it's likely that it would have to run into early May, with the Cup presented in late June (not unlike 1995). However, suppose the league was to have a 70-game season this year, and a 72-game season in 2013-14 with a later start (mid-November, perhaps).

Many pros immediately come to mind...
- it would give players a longer offseason and allow injuries to heal, rather than being forced into a new season so quickly after the previous one ends
- it would give this season a little more legitimacy, and possibly quell some of the cries of a "tainted cup victory"
- home openers aside, the October/November games can be some of the hardest tickets to sell

The only downside to that I can think of is that a 70-game season kicking off in December would result in a cup presentation well into July, which presents issues of diverted attention (nice weather, competing sports, etc.), poor playing conditions as heart and humidity permeate the arenas, and having to move the free agency date back a month so it falls after the end of the season.

Is this something that could work? What parts of this idea haven't I completely thought through?

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