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11-20-2012, 08:43 PM
robert terwilliger
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even if the contract were legal.

even with your bonus money idea.

why does he sign that contract? someone will give him a guaranteed 130+ million over more years which gives him security. why would he want to play in boston, which has successfully run two managers out of town in as many years, had four pitching coaches in as many years, and go through a possible rebuild in a city where his every movement is going to be scrutinized...and for the possibility of making 20 million dollars?! if the pa even allows him to a sign a contract that is contingent on him passing drug tests to be more than double the league minimum.

what about alcohol? what about energy drinks? what about chaw? all of these substances are legal. i understand writing a clause in his contract wherein he has to stay off the h. i'm sure that's sop in contract writing. but i'd have a hard time buying that hamilton would even entertain a contract wherein he has to be tested to possibly earn what the market has dictated that he's worth.

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