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11-20-2012, 08:48 PM
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You know what the owners should do... They should say, Ok, let's start the Season, but the Playoffs may be a no-go if there is no deal by then. In that case, there will only be a President's Trophy Champion rewarded, so the fans should prepare for that eventuality.

Yes, yes, we all know that the owners live of the Playoffs and the money that can be made there. But we also know that Fehr and the players could call a strike by Playoff time. The simple fact is though that if the Season isn't saved, there will be no Playoffs anyway. So, for the benefit of the fans, the owners could play the Season as if they're seriously prepared to accept no Playoffs, and that the fans (and players) should treat all Regular Season games more seriously because the Regular Season results might represent the only "Champion" of the Season.

If the owners present that face, and present it convincingly enough (meaning that they themselves openingly accept that potential), then Fehr and the players will have less negotiating power with the threat of a strike come Playoff time.

Call Fehr and the players bluff, that's what the owners should do, for the sake of the fans and offerring the fans some NHL hockey to watch.

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