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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Nope Niedermayer/Bourque were better than Pronger since the mid-90s though Pronger's peak was pretty damn good. I'd say he's a tear below and closer to Rob Blake.
Pronger is easily the second best defenseman from 94-95 on. He's the only one who legitimately challenged Lidstrom during his prime, and as you may recall you already discounted Gretzky, Lemieux, and Bourque from the list (hence their absences on my adapted version).

What Selanne did since the mid-90s is more impressive than Lindros though Lindros certainly was a more unique player.
Lindros won a Hart and carried his team to the Cup final, and was very strongly in the debate for "best player in hockey" for a period of about four or five years. Selanne was a consistent, reliable scorer but his name almost never entered "best in the world" territory.

And I was only looking at players who were at or near the end of their career originally but you can't put Osgood there. He was a decent goalie on high end teams. I'd put Luongo/Kiprusoff and maybe even a few others like Lundqvist ahead of Osgood. Probably Nabakov too for a time period though his playoff performances make him go down. Certainly if you're making a top 10 then you don't put any 4th goalie on there ahead of a skater from that era. Was a good era for skaters, terrible for goalies outside the big 3.
Not even sure what you mean here. You remove Gretz/Lemieux/Bourque due to retirement, but include retired and active players, and now say you're only looking at players at or near the end of their career? And even so... how does that affect the recently retired Osgood. Or the retired Lindros.

Yes, including four goalies is probably excess, and perhaps there are better choices than Osgood. But not many.

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
So in terms of individual play, one or two good playoff runs qualify him as a top-10 player?

Granted, it's not the greatest era in history but I'm pretty sure guys like Thornton, Iginla and St. Louis have a much stronger portfolio of individual accomplishments.
Thornton, Iginla, and St. Louis have such a depth of portfolio themselves? Osgood was one of the league's best goalies most of his career.

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